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We use TRB 142 LTE Gateway and would like to connect the TRB 142 gateway through serial (RS232) port 10000 from internet (WAN). The TRB 142 is with sim card which has a fixed IP6 address from the Internet service provider. We cannot access the port 10000 with IPV6.
We tried with the serial connection from TRB 142 LTE Gateway with IPV6 through port 10000, but it did not work. Although, the port 443 and 80 works with IPV6. We also tried port 10000 with IPV4, and it works.
So my question are there some configuration changes which we are missing or in general with IPV6 port 10000 don't work?
Could you please help with it?

Thank you.

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Would it be possible for you to provide a picture of your network topology and details on the TRB14 configuration?

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I have attached screenshots of our configuration and a sketch of our network. We would like to access our end device with TRB 142 Gateway through port 10000 in IP6. Thank you.




Sorry for the late reply.

In terms of your configuration, I see no issues.

Could you tell what is the end software, that is used to access the end device on user's PC?

Would it be possible to get two troubleshoot files from two configurations of the TRB142: one with working IPv6 connection over port 443, the other from not working IPv6 connection over port 10000.

To generate files, access gateway's WebUI, go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there.

Another thing that would be helpful is a packet capture on the TRB mobile interface. Access the device via SSH and execute two following commands:

  • opkg update
  • opkg install tcpdump

Next, you will need to generate two packet capture files, one for connection on port 443, the other from port 10000. To generate the file, you will need to execute the following command, then try to connect to the device, make some data exchanges:

  • tcpdump -i <mobile_interface_name> port 443 -w /tmp/ipv6_443.pcap

Then reconfigure the gateway to listen for connections on port 10000

  • tcpdump -i <mobile_interface_name> port 10000 -w /tmp/ipv6_10000.pcap

<mobile_interface_name> can be found by issuing command ifconfig.

The captured files can be found in gateways /tmp directory and downloaded using WinSCP (check this link for instructions).

Attach all of the files by editing your question.

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