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by anonymous

I just want to corroborate something, what equipments have load balancing?, Ive noticed that only the rutx12 shows that in the web page in the main descriptions but im not sure if the others have it, specially the cheaper ones. specially interested in the 2xx series.

And if it balances it between having the modem running and also the equipment with a client connection

Thanks in advance,

1 Answer

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by anonymous


All the RUT devices provide load balancing among different WAN connections. 
However, they do not load balance among two SIM card connections, since all the devices have a single cellular modem chip installed on them. Thus, only one SIM card can be powered up by the router at a time. While the other one can be used for WAN failover.
Whereas RUTx12 has two modem chips, thus it allows you to load balance among two SIM card connections. As it can power up both modems at a single time.

Whereas, RUT240 also has a load balancing same as other RUT devices:

As discussed above, the only difference between the RUTX12 load balancing feature and other RUT devices is that RUTX12 can load balance among two mobile connections (among two SIM cards) while others cannot do that.