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by anonymous

Hello, just got RUTX50 and testing it now with OEM antennas and EPNT-4, with both there is very good signal as you can see on screenshots but what is strange to me is that SINR is negative with both antennas. Could be possible that it shows wrong number ? Because on my Peplink MAX BR1 Pro I get positive around 6dB where on RUTX50 it is around -18. 

And another question: does it matter which antenna of EPNT-4 goes on specific port on RUTX50 or not ? I have Cell 1 Main, Cell 1 Aux, Cell 2 Main, Cell 2 Aux. And for WiFi there is one V and one H.

Thank you for the answers.


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by anonymous

Thank you for your input.

This might simply be an issue of parsing an incorrect number to the web interface as querying the same signal values directly from the modem using AT commands return reasonable numbers. However, this does not influence the connection quality.

As for the antenna connectors, it does not matter, which ports you connect your antenna connectors to as they all operate identically. The  same applies for WiFI connectors. V and H simply indicate that the signal is forwarded to either vertically or horizontally polarized element of the antenna, which have different propagation features.  

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