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by anonymous
Hi all,

Kinder new to this, I only know the WAN port can be connected to a modem, however I want to ask if the port can be used to connect a separate switch or a PC and assign different subnet/ip and I can still use all the LAN ports as default with another subnet/lan connected devices all using the 4G data.

Unsure how wan can be setup correctly, any useful information would be good.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


It would be more helpful if you could describe, which device you intend to use and what do you want to do with each port.

As of now, depending on the port you refer to and its configuration, the port can be used to connect a separate switch or a PC and have a different subnet assigned. Check the link for untagged VLAN configuration:

Also, devices connected to different VLANs can all be using the 4G data.

Could you please elaborate on what do you mean by correct WAN setting? WAN port can be configured as a LAN. For instructions, please refer to this link:

Best regards,