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by anonymous
My trm250 runs only EDGE (only in roaming mode). I have a RUT240 and this one runs with the same SIM Card on LTE without problems.

I thougt the TRM250 was faulty, so i bought a second one, but this also runs only on EDGE, too.

I can´t configure the TRM250 , because Windows 10 configures it automatically ? Only WEBAPN ca be configured.

i hope anyone can help me !

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Keep in mind that TRM250 is an LTE Cat - M1 device. Even though LTE Cat M1 is a part of LTE family of technologies, it is not the conventional LTE solution used for daily consumer needs. It is oriented to low power consumption, low data rate devices and applications usually related to IoT field. Due to that it might simply be incompatible with your carrier or data plan.

Does your carrier supply LTE Cat M1 connectivity?

Does your region have LTE Cat M1 coverage?

Does your SIM card support LTE Cat M1?

Would you have an opportunity to try TRM240.

Best regards,