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I have a RUTXR1 with an WAN (static) IP and a backup SIM.

Connected to the RUT are VoIP PBX and phones.They need Internetaccess and the "normal services" like ntp, http(s), sip etc.

In the LAN there ist IP .200 another Router for the customer network (server, clients, etc). All incoming data should go to these router .200 to do vpn etc.

I read that I shoud configure firewall - portforewaring and leave the Port empty, but then an error occours.

What would be the best way? Are there any problems that, for example, my sip-ports go to the .200 and not back to my pbx?

Regards, Dirk

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Thank you for contacting Teltonika Crowd Support.

To create a firewall rule which forwards all external traffic to your router .200, kindly follow the instructions provided below:

Navigate to Network -> Firewall -> Port forwards section in the RUTXR1's WebUI, set name and external port and click Add under the Add New Instance section. On the Firewall - Port Forwards window, make the following configurations:

Set any Name

Protocol: TCP+UDP

Source zone: wan

Source MAC address: Any

Source IP address: Any

Source port: leave empty (equivalent of any port)

External IP address: Any

External Port: remove the value added earlier on and leave blank

Internal zone: lan

Internal IP address: your router .200's IP

Internal port: leave empty

Save and apply.

Should you get the "Invalid external port" error, you could set the external port to "any value in the range 0 - 65535", click "Add" and remove it once the Firewall - Port Forwards configuration window opens. 

Further details on RUTXR1's firewall could be found by following the link below:

You could also follow the link below for a similar configuration reference:

Warm regards,