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by anonymous

We have a RUT240 in the field, that connects to a LAN and has a 4G WAN uplink. An OpenVPN has been established between the Teltonika and our office. This works and we can remotely access the LAN behind the Teltonika.

One of subnets behind the Teltonika is overlapping with an office subnet. As such, we need to NAT that subnet from our office end. The overlapping subnet is and we have NATTED it to (ping to is sent to the Teltonika).

Now on the Teltonika, we need to forward the ping towards to AND masquerade the source to be the Teltonika (otherwise the end device does not know how to send a reply back). How can we accomplish this?

I am afraid of just testing stuff, as the remote site is 3 hours away and is hard to get access to.

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2 Answers

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by anonymous
Did you get a resolution to this one?  Seems to be a very similar issue to what we're having.

We could get it working via SNAT in v6 firmware but not via custom rules in v7 firmware...
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by anonymous


Sorry for the late response!

We have a Wiki article about dealing with this situation. While the article is meant for use with IPsec, similar NAT rules should apply to OpenVPN as well.

Hope this helps!

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