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by anonymous

Brand new rutx14.

No way to have 2 modems on. one only work if the other is off. No load balancing available.

I've tried reset 3 times and to downgraded the firmware up to 07.02.2

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, RUTX14 is only designed to work with one SIM at a time, and the second SIM is meant for failover. For load balancing between two SIMs, you'd need RUTX12, which has two Cat 6 LTE modems.

However, if bandwidth is the main priority, RUTX14 contains Cat 12 modem, for which the maximum theoretical downlink speed is 600Mbps. RUTX12 contains two Cat 6 modems, with 300Mbps maximum theoretical downlink for each modem. So theoretically, if your carrier supports Cat 12, you should be able to get similar speeds as using two Cat 6 modems.

Another advantage would be that RUTX14 would allow a single link to utilize the entire bandwidth. Load balancing, on the other hand, is designed to aid in balancing the load across multiple links. 

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

Best regards,


by anonymous
Thank you for this prompt reply.

I had to buy a Rutx12. Then I checked the characteristics using the comparator on the official website. It seemed to me to be able to take the Rutx14 that according to the comparator offering the same benefits with better possible bandwidth speeds. I'm surprised by these differences and the lack of clarity in the description! I'm not used to get less functionality with a higher level product...
by anonymous
I'm sorry to hear that you're disappointed in RUTX14.

I'd like to point out that RUTX14 is not an inferior product as compared to RUTX12, it's just meant for different use cases. But theoretically, they both should achieve the same speeds.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Best regards,