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  I am setting RUT955 with meter Eastron SDM630v2 with modbus RTU on RS485. Meter and modbus its communication was tested via Rasppbery and it is behave corrcetly as it is described in documentation of meter e.g. here.

  I have a two issues:

1. It looks like that regiters readings are not corretly interpreted. I could get e.g. 233.8 (it is voltage) from register number 2 (Register addres 30001) and reg. count 2 as it is 32bit float in big.endian word and byte order (so chosen set 32bit float in order 4,3,2,1,), but it commes in test as 240160367621363773330430099456.000000. Printscreen added. What is wrong in my settings?

2. issue: I need read out 4 blocks of 16 those 32bit float registers collected via Modbus serial master and send it via Data to server. I have been setup Data to Server service and try to configure against Mosquitto broker (tested with different client and works well). I am confused how exactly could I setup this service that it gives correct topics in broker.

 I am adding screenschoot of my current configuration.



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by anonymous

I have seen this issue registered in VIP HelpDesk system and already forwarded to RnD, thus further communication will be conducted there.

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