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by anonymous
My current network topology is:

Fibre Modem > Meraki Go Router > Meraki Go Switch

I want to introduce the RUT950 (with a sim in bay 1) into this topology to act as a failover should the fibre signal from the modem fail.

My thoughts are that I could put the RUT950 here:

Fibre Modem > RUT950 > Meraki Go Router > Meraki Go Switch

Is this correct? And if so how do I configure the RUT950 to work here?


1 Answer

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by anonymous


Does your Meraki Go support VRRP? In  case it does, you could configure RUT955 as a backup router if Meraki Go would lose connectivity. For reference, please check this link on how to configure VRRP on Teltonika devices. 

Other than that, does Meraki support any failover configuration to automate switching between available WAN sources?

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thanks for your answer. I'm not sure on the Meraki supporting vrrp, if it did would I have a situation where the fibre modem connects to the rut950s wan port, then I connect the rut950 to the Meraki router over the 950s lan port to the merakis wan port ?

In this configure I don't want the rut950 to do anything, just passthrough, so all ip handling is done on the Meraki router.

Could this work?