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by anonymous
My RUT955 has had some strange mobile and failover issues recently - mostly fixed by a firmware upgrade.

Now the problem is that it is using a lot of data on the MOBILE (300-500Mb/day). It is using data constantly, seen in usage graph regularly every hour, even though there are maybe 1 or 2 interruptions in the WAN per 3hour period, and only very brief (1 second). This seems to be acting like a load balance, but is configured for failover. This problem is causing use of expensive mobile data instead of using the very affordable and high bandwidth WAN.

Is this a known issue or have a solution?


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by anonymous


There is no known issue regarding your question, and I have not managed to replicate the issue.

Some traffic is to be expected, as the device continuously performs data connection health checks by sending ping requests to a specified host. In this case, you could reduce the frequency. 

I haven't performed long term tests to evaluate the data consumption, but 300-500Mb/day seems way too much. 

For this I would like you to, first, as suggested in one of your previous threads, reset the router to factory defaults.

Also, do you have any of the remote access options enabled, such as HTTP, SSH?

Next, you could monitor traffic on the mobile interface with TCPdump, to see, where the traffic is going to and to make sure sure the router is not acting as suggested. 

You would need to acces the device via SSH, download tcpdump with the following commands:

opkg update and opkg install tcpdump.

To monitor mobile interface you would need to execute the following command:

tcpdump -i wwan0 -w /tmp/capture.pcap

The using WinSCP, trace file could be extracted to analyze with wireshark.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thank you for your reply.

I do not have remote HTTP, HTTPS or SSH access options enabled.

I will perform a factory reset when I am next on site, however until then I must continue to troubleshoot remotely.

New information:

I changed the default SIM (a different mobile network provider) - now it is using only 9mb/day maximum - this is what I would expect as normal and hope to see with the original SIM.