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I have a RUT240 ( that is about to be deployed to a location with no 4G, so I have a Starlink dish plugged into the RUTs WAN. Starting from default settings on the RUT, I have followed this video to switch on the WAN and Mobile as failsafe options.

My issue is that whenever I pull the SIM card out to simulate the device being out of 4G range, then the RUT switches over to using the Starlink through WAN, but the internet that I see on my PC is constantly dropping out every 10 seconds. By running a google ping on my PC I see successful pings for exactly 10 seconds, and then it times out for 10-15 sec, and then the cycle repeats.

If I go to Network->Interfaces and disable the Mobile interface, then the connection is stable again (Starlink internet via WAN) and the disconnections stop. How can I fix this so that I can turn the Mobile interface back on and get a stable internet connection via the WAN when the Mobile goes out of signal range?

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Could you update your device to the latest 7.2.7 firmware version with Keep settings option disabled and see if that solves the issue? 

If this behavior continues, I would like you to attach a troubleshoot file to your question. Please, replicate the issue, then access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there.

 Best regards,

Thanks, I've attached a troubleshoot file here.

Note that I have this same issue happening on two separate devices here (One RUT240 + Starlink dish that I have here, and also another RUT240 + Starlink that I have now deployed out in the field). Both RUT240's are running v7.2.7, and both are running factory settings.

The log that I attached here was generated straight after factory resetting that RUT240. It has a sim card in it and gave me stable internet via 4G while the Starlink was unplugged. But as soon as I connect the starlink into the WAN port then I can see on my PC that the RUT switches over from 4G to WAN, and I am left with the unstable internet that drops in & out every ~10 seconds.

I've also noticed that while I do still have telemetry from these RUTs showing on RMS, I am no longer able to send any commands to the RUT or generate any tunnels to connect to it. Perhaps this is due to an IP conflict with the Starlink which also has the default address of
Could you change the LAN subnet of RUT240 from to any other value than 1 in Network -> Interfaces section and see if that helps?