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by anonymous
Hello there,

We are using Teltonika RUT955 in Australia and it's integrated into our design. We are planning to design something similar for the US and we need to find out if there are any dimension differences between the Australian version of Teltonika RUT955 and the US one. We need this so we can design our hardware with the US version of RUT955's dimensions in mind.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Regarding the device's physical dimensions, there are no differences between RUT955 regional versions, all of our RUT955 devices are the same in size.

When it comes to actual differences between these devices, those are

  • PSU
  • Supported frequency bands of the module
  • Certificates

For example, the European version (RUT955 T033B0) comes with a 4-pin EU power supply (Available HERE), while the US version (RUT955 J034S0) comes with a 4-pin US power supply(Available HERE).

RUT955 has many certificates. For example, European certificates include CE/REDEAC and other European certificates. American certificates include FCCIC, and others.

For more information regarding RUT955 certifications and approvals click HERE.

Available versions and supported frequency bands can be found in the ordering section of the RUT955 product page HERE.

Kind Regards,