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Hi Teltonika support team.

I was wondering if it was possible right now to have the RUT95x act as a FTP server with a USB storage as the space?
From my naive point of view this kind of facility doesn't look that much different than a samba share..


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by anonymous

Hey, Nico,

This is possible and all you need to do is to install one of the many FTP servers on your router. I used vsftpd as it seemed the simplest. I installed it by running opkg install vsftpd. 

I managed to achieve a simple shared folder on my USB by doing this:

  • I created a folder on on the USB stick and put in a test file.   



  • Plugged the USB into the router and checked what folder was assigned to it. It shows this on WebUI or you can check it on CLI by running block info | grep "/dev/sd". /mnt/ is where your USB stick files will reside.


  • Started the vsftpd service by running /etc/init.d/vsftpd start
  • Opened vsftpd configurations by running vi /etc/vsftpd.conf
  • Changed/added these lines:
    • anonymous_enable=NO
    • local_root=/mnt/sda1/FTP_Shared (setting up the home directory)
    • chroot_local_user=YES
    • chroot_list_enable=YES
    • chroot_list_file=/etc/nonchroot.list
    • allow_writeable_chroot=YES


  • Created nonchroot.list file by running vi /etc/nonchroot.list and added root. It is meant to allow or jail users to browse other root directories. The way I had it set up allows users on the list to browse all directories. If we changed chroot_local_user=YES to "NO", it would allow all the users, apart from the ones in the nonchroot.list file to browse all root directories.

  • Created a user by running  vi etc/passwd and adding the user information separated by semicolons.
    1. Username
    2. Hashed password. You can put anything at first, as the password will be changed.
    3. User ID
    4. Group ID
    5. Full name
    6. Home directory. MUST be same as the FTP shared folder or a directory above it.
    7. Prevents SSH logins
  • Ran passwd <user_name> to change its password
  • Restarted vsftpd daemon by runing /etc/init.d/vsftpd restart
  • Opened FileZilla, put in the routers IP address with port 21 and was able to see my test file and that file only


Let me know if this works for you!


I am using RUT955 and after following these instructions I could see the FTP working fine as expected. Then I reboot the device and the FTP server doesn't work anymore, even after restarting the service. Is there anything else that should be done to keep it working continuously after reboot?