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by anonymous
Hi!teltonika support

I have device with firmware a latest firmware but its mobile signal blinking all the time, then inthe network status there is no part of mobile also on setting part of setup wizard there is no mobile

Please find attached file of troubleshooting

1 Answer

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by anonymous


From the logs it looks like the router does not see the modem module at all. This might indicate a hardware failure. However, based on the troubleshoot file from your previous post, I saw that it was still present.

Could you try the following couple recovery procedures:

  • Simply reset the router to factory default settings. Access WebUI, navigate to System Backup → Restore default settings.
  • Perform firmware update with bootloader menu. For instructions, refer here. The latest firmware you can upload is this. After update you will be able to install current latest RutOS.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Hi!Teltonika support

I just do as you instructed the procedure to follow ,all the procedure followed but when firmware upgraded from 00.06 to 00.07 the problem return again
by anonymous
Were you able to obtain data connectivity with mobile interface, when the firmware was 6.09.2, just to check if the modem is operational at all?
by anonymous
No I was not able to access mobile data connectivity
by anonymous
In this case, if you are not able to see the Mobile section or status in the WebUI even after update via bootloader menu, mobile does not establish with other firmware versions either, return the device for warranty repair. Seems to be a faulty modem module.