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by anonymous

is it possible to request the GPS position from an IP device? (like a HTTP request, or something else?)

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Thank you for reaching out!

It is indeed possible to collect GPS data using multiple methods. For more information about remote monitoring, please refer to this page (the page for your device model should be used).

Method 1: JSON-RPC

This method relies on POST/GET methods. The exact instructions can be found here. Instructions on how to retrieve GPS data can be found on the same page, here.

In general, this method is mostly used by other applications, as it is not very user-friendly. For testing purposes, I'd recommend using Postman. This method can obtain and set many router parameters, instructions on how to set them up are provided in the linked Wiki article.

Please keep in mind that from version 7 of RutOS, admin is the username, while earlier versions used root as a username.

Method 2: SNMP

This method uses widely supported SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol. MIB Browser could be used for testing. SNMP Traps can also be used to alert if anything goes wrong (signal loss / connection type / I/O changes (certain models)).

SNMP setting explanations and OID codes can be found here. Please keep in mind that codes may vary from device to device, so please select the correct device for this article.

DNP3 may also be considered as an option, as it also offers sending of GPS data.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

Best regards,


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