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by anonymous
Hello Support Team,

is it possible to identify the state of Wifi and set output pin of high level if a connection exists? E.G. I can connect a LED or input of a PLC to the output of RUT950.

Kind regards,

1 Answer

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by anonymous


What do you mean by the state of WiFi?

Do you want to identify, when the interface itself is enabled?

Do you want to monitor, when there ae users connected via the WiFi?

Or do you want the router to be used as a client to another access point and monitor data connection health?

In any case, your go to option would be by a combination of I/O juggler and a custom script. As a reference please check this other thread.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Hello and thank you for you answer.

I want to know if the Wifi has connection to its WAN Port (for me it´s also Wifi).

E.g. the network connection to Wifi "Test1" is alive. Or a second possibility I can use it to check if the Router has connection to the internet. That would work with your Example, but I dont know how I have to create or  insert a custom script.

Hope you can help me with this. Best regards.
by anonymous


now I have configured the output with using custom script to ping google DNS and set output on high or low level.

But my question is, how can I reach the variables like status for WWAN as shown in picture below?

by anonymous


Sorry for the delayed response.

One way to do this would be by running this command:

mwan3 interfaces | grep [interface_name]

State offline means that there is no link established on that connection, while disabled means that there is a link established.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,