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by anonymous


is there any way to update RMS vpn hub client configuration and certificates  on a rut300 using the local web interface instead of remote updating via the "action" column in the client tab of the hub configuration section?

The need arose because some devices connected to RMS hubs located in Germany went permanently offline after this message has been displayed:
This VPN hub may experience client connection issues. To avoid any unintended issues, please redownload the configuration files for RMS User and Custom User VPN clients, update the configuration and certificates for your RMS devices (in the Actions column) and restart the VPN hub.


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by anonymous

At the moment, configuration and certificate updates can only be initiated from the RMS platform.

Best regards,
by anonymous
can be confirmed that the problem of disconnection of the RUT300 devices derives from a malfunction of the German server that forces the configuration to be re-downloaded?
by anonymous
Depending on when the HUB was created, there had been issues with HUBs, created specifically in Germany region recently.

The root cause has been resolved, however, in order to continue using the HUB, it had to be restarted and its configuration updated. Removing and recreating the HUB was also a workaround.
by anonymous
Ok thanks, I'll buy the credits needed to perform the update, I hope it doesn't happen again.

Thanks for your quick reply.