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by anonymous


I have 40 Teltonika RUTX11 routers with Spanish Vodafone data cards in it. 

With 35 I have no problem but with the 5 others Teltonika and the Vodafone card don't work well together. 

For these 5 I can only get acces to 1 networkprovider. In for example Belgium, where normally I should get acces to Proximus and Orange, I only have access to Proximus. Proximus is very weak (speedtest: 6 on Download, 5 on Upload). For Orange it is 50 on Download and 20 on Uplaod).

I have tested everything: auto APN, all the other APN's that Vodafone gave to me and that I found on internet. I know it must work because I have 35 that don't have a problem and go on all the networks available.

I take the same Vodafone card and put it in a portable TP-Link router and than it works on Proximus AND Orange. I put the same card back into the Teltonika RUTX11 router, it works on Proximus AND Orange. But when I do a rebooth it will only get back on Proximus (on auto and manually). And if I don't do a rebooth, it will stay on Orange for about an hour and it will go back automaticly to Proximus (and I can't get it back on Orange; neither on auto, nor manually (Unregistered). 

The version I have on the 40 x RUTX11 is Version: I have compared all the other settings between the 35 and the 5 and they are all the same. I tried to go back to a more ancient version; in the beginning that works and it goes on Proximus AND Orange, but after a rebooth I can only go on Proximus.

Can somebody help me resolve this problem?

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by anonymous

Would it be possible to get a troubleshoot file from device which works without issues? It would help to look for the differences between the devices and possible causes for the issue.

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