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by anonymous
I have a rut955 and have configured the input ( pins 2 and 7 ) when logic high(9 -30 VDC) to turn the digital output(4 pin) on. Currently it is working only 70% of the time. I also tried the relay output(5 , 8) instead of the Digital output, but it was still the same.  My power source is very stable as well.

From what i see the digital input is not picking the logic high most of the time (Eg : Picks logic high in 1st and 2nd attempt, 3rd attempt doesn't trigger ( even if 12v is given as input for long time  and so on ). What can be the possible reason? Is it because the Digital inputs needs a specific time interval after each trigger ?

If this is the case can i use Digital input ( pin 1 ) with 12 VDC for high and low ? what are the voltage ranges for that input ?

Thankss !!!!

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by anonymous


The testing team has provided the following data:

  • Minimum period of input signal to be recognized is 5ms;
  • Minimum device reaction time after getting High signal to input is 8ms;

Other than that, could you chare your testing setup?

Best regards,