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by anonymous

The RUT240 has 3 antenna's >

what orientation should these antenna's have?

All 3 just upright, or different angles each ??

Please advise.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


The default set up is definitely upright.

The thing to understand here is that the strongest radiation is perpendicular to the axis of the antenna and that no radiation occurs along the axis of the antenna.

Antennas create a doughnut shaped spatial radiation pattern, which is distributed most efficiently, when the antenna is in a vertical position.


Best regards,

by anonymous

Is this for the RUT241 in particular ?

Elsewhere I notice these recommendations, with each antenna in a different orientation >>


by anonymous
RUT241 has only one antenna dedicated for WiFi. Using different orientation might be a suitable option to try with more antennas, to try covering more areas in places further from the router, but the general suggestion is to leave the antenna in a vertical position.

The remaining antennas are for the mobile connectivity. They serve different purposes, Main one being used for mobile reception and transmission and Aux being used for reception, to implement MISO (Multiple Input Single Output), to improve signal reception.
by anonymous

The important thing to note in this situation is that no radiation occurs along the antenna's axis and that the radiation is strongest perpendicular to it.

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