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by anonymous

Are any of the Teltonika devices currently capable of hosting Azure IoT edge runtime?  
I assume the answer is no because it's RUTOS/OpenWRT not Debian/Ubuntu distro, but thought I'd ask to make sure.

I've seen RUTOS has support for Azure IoT Hub connections on some devices but that's not what I need.

Many thanks in advance.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Unfortunately, Teltonika devices do not support Azure IoT Edge.

That would require additional development and certification from Microsoft. This question has been looked upon already and it has been decided to not pursue Edge Managed (Azure IoT Edge) certification. The same answer applies for Micro Agent for IoT Edge for Security and Defender IoT since these features are built upon IoT Edge functionality.

Additionally, it would require devices to implement a container engine support e.g. Docker, which Teltonika devices currently do not support, as Docker itself requires a lot of storage space (50MB+), so that would most likely require a custom solution the devices.

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