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by anonymous

As soon as I open the pictured slide-out panel the mobile modem disconnects from its network.  This is on a unit immediately after a factory reset.

RUT955W03XXX, Revision 1714

FW RUT9_R_00.07.02.7

Modem EC25-AF(D) 

Modem FW EC25AFFDR07A09M4G

After a while the modem stabilizes on a denied state and will not reconnect until you reset the modem.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Thank you for providing the files.

Could you check if the same issue replicates with a custom APN value set?

To change APN, login to web interface, navigate to Network -> Interfaces, edit mobile interface settings, disable Auto APN slider button and enter custom values based on your provider. See if that helps.

Best regards,

by anonymous

It turns out that with my configuration, the mobile connection is unstable.  I think this is due to a connection monitoring bug which I will explain.  Given that the connection is unstable, it could be that it just happened to disconnect when I clicked on the widget in the slide-out panel.

My configuration is not really "out of the box".  There is a twist: the WAN port is connected to another RUT955 serving DHCP.  After experimentation I found it's not the DHCP, per-se, which is causing the problem.  It is having any IP address and gateway IP configured for the WAN.

When the mobile interface comes up, the software checks its internet connectivity by pinging various well-known IP addresses like  If the WAN port is configured with a gateway IP, the pings go out the WAN interface instead of the mobile interface.  This is clearly shown in the logs because they give the source of the response.  In my case, the response is from the other RUT955 which I configured with the address,  The log messages are:

  unhandler[2334]: Try to send pings to dest_address: || via ipv4: |redacted-mobile-ip|

  unhandler[2334]: ICMP packet received from

The log clearly says it is pinging via the mobile IP address, but the pings are going out the WAN interface.

When a correct response is not seen for the ping attempts, the software takes the mobile connection down starting with this log message:

  daemon.notice netifd: mob1s1a1 (19483): Stopping network mob1s1a1

It later retries and ends up taking the connection down again.  I don't know if this infinite loop ever ends because I have not waited long enough.

If, I disable the WAN interface, or even if I remove its gateway configuration, the pings to public IPs get responses and you see this message:

  unhandler[2334]: Server reached

In this case the mobile connection stays up and is stable.