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by anonymous

I wonder if it is possible to use only one or two antenna ports from the TRB500?

If yes, should the remaining ones be populated with 50Ohm terminators or can they just be left empty?
by anonymous
I am having the same question but a little different.

I have a 2x2 mimo antenna, should I get a 4x4 or if I connect the 2x2 I will get the same results? All 4 antenna are the same, or some connect to 4G and some to 5G (n78 band)?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

What do you mean by a subset of antenna ports?

If you are referring to using a few of the mobile antennas, it is advised to use all of the ports connected to an antenna, as that is how the modem module is designed to operate and using 3 of 4 or even 2 of the 4 ports might result in an unsatisfactory or even unpredictable performance in terms of mobile connectivity.

If by a subset you mean using all of the mobile antennas and neither of the WiFi ones, that should cause no problems at all, no port terminations are necessary.

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