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by anonymous
After reboot or turning off the light, the LAN does not turn on. I have to reload the network driver or reconnect the cable on pc.

2 Answers

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by anonymous


Thank you for contacting Teltonika Networks crowd support community.

Sorry for the issue you are having.

Kindly clarify whether it is the RUT950 LAN not turning on or your computer LAN.

Please if your device is not running the latest firmware, kindly update.

Also check your ethernet cables, make sure they are working well.

The RUT950 LAN LED lights will turn on when there is a connection. Check this link for more information

Kind regards,


by anonymous
When I start it, it loads the modem, wi-fi and the diode just lights up at the place where the cable is connected on an ongoing basis, and this continues for more than 30 minutes. Then patience takes its toll and I just reconnect it.

Regarding the firmware, there was a boxed 6.07, yesterday I flashed it to the last one through a cloud server, the problem did not go away and I decided to write to you, maybe you know the solution or maybe I didn’t set the settings correctly. The Wiki says that a permanently on Diode is a 10/100 mb / s mode. But basically it just doesn't work.
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by anonymous


I would like you to provide more details on the issue.

By reboot, do you mean reboot of router or some connected device?

What light and how are you turning off?

What do you mean by "LAN does not turn on"? Is the interface shown as offline in in the WebUI, or are you not able to access the router via one of the LAN ports? Are the lights of the port not operational?

Is this an issue with a single port or all of the LAN ports?

Could you share the troubleshoot file, if possible? Please, make sure to replicate the issue, then access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there. Attach the file by editing your question. 

Best regards,

by anonymous
So let's go)

Regarding the reboot. Restarting the router inside the web interface of the router.

Light. Loss of electricity in the building, emitted situation with the power strip turned off.

The problem unfortunately extends to all 3 LAN ports and to the WAN port that is switched to LAN mode.

In the web interface itself, it shows that the LAN is working, I will attach 3 photos, with an indication on my tablet and router.
by anonymous

Seems like no DHCP discovery or request packets are coming from your LAN device's interface. 

Is the issue apparent for a single device or every device connected to LAN port?

Could you check if configuring a static lease for your PC, by editing LAN interface settings in Network -> Interfaces section, or setting your PC with a static LAN IP solves the issue? 

by anonymous
I solved the problem, though by flashing it to an older firmware version (06.08.6), so I can say with confidence that the problem is in the new firmware and the problem lies somewhere there. For now, I'll wait for the new updates.

Thanks for supporting, i am grateful to you
by anonymous
About your question. Neither static DHCP on the PC, nor any reconfiguration does not remove the problem from the router that when it reboots, it does not want to see all LAN clients on its network.