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by anonymous
Hello all,

With IPSec configuration, How much maximum remote Router (TRB145) I can monitor with a central single router RUT.

Or which one is the best central router I can select for the same?

Thank you.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Could you be more specific by what do you mean with centralized?

Are you talking about the number of simultaneous IPsec tunnels possible to establish from a single device?

In that case only limited tests were carried out on RUT955. It was confirmed that the router can sustain up to 40 IPsec tunnels,by having all of the remote devices to ping RUT955 over IPsec at the same time.

The rest depends on your needs and bandwidth requirements and bandwidth available on the central device.

Best regards,
by anonymous


Application: There are 120 remote locations with 120 nos. of TRB145 and only 1 central router RUT300 with SCADA system.

Configuration: Every remote router TRB145 has separate IPsec tunnel and that are configure with single IPSec tunnel of centralized SCADA system RUT300.

Q. Are you talking about the number of simultaneous IPsec tunnels possible to establish from a single device?

A. Yes

by anonymous
I have consulted the testing team and they reported that RUT360 is capable of handling 120 simultaneous IPsec tunnels. Iperf3 showed average of 275.9kb/s of bandwidth per client.

The thing to note is that, when approaching the client count limit, the router may start having performance issues and services might even crash.
by anonymous

Can I use RUTX10 instead RUT360?
by anonymous

RUTX10 tests show that at 150 tunnels, iperf averages at 623.3 kb/s per tunnel.

The number of clients managed to go up to 700, however the time required to wait for the setup to complete is exceeding 30mins, which is unreasonable.

It should be mentioned that VPN instances were created via CLI to minimize test run time. VPN instance creation via WEBUI may have various restrictions that would not allow to reach the same number of VPN instances.