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by anonymous
Hello, I would like help regarding the Teltonika RUT955 product.

My vision is to make it so that I will be connected to the wifi broadcast by teltonika and as soon as I type in the address on port 500, it will redirect me to the address on port 500.

Is there any such option?

Thanks a lot

1 Answer

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by anonymous


It depends on what do you mean by WiFI broadcast and whether do you intend to have Wireless in a separate subnet, other than the, which I would be a LAN or a VLAN.

Under the condition that the router's LAN and WiFi networks are in different subnets, let's say LAN is in and Wireless network has a subnet of, the configuration would be as follows:

  • First a new interface for WiFi clients should be created, following guidelines provided in this example, as well as a new firewall zone for the wireless interface. 

  • Once that is done, a new port forwarding rule should be created in Network -> Firewall -> Port forwards, to redirect traffic from the wireless interface zone to the zone of your address. For example, I changed default HTTP port of the router to 500, and created a redirect to it. 

Connected with a mobile device via WiFi and got IP of

Then got redirected to the router's login page by entering it's LAN address and port 500.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Hi, thank you very much.

I would like to ask another question. It is possible for me to have more teltonik RUT955 in one LAN network, each would have a different LAN range, for example the first would have, the second would have and the third would have but as follows there would be an interface for Wireless and it would have a completely identical range of for the first, second and third teltonics, and as soon as I pinged port 500 from the first, second or third teltonics, it would confuse me as to which wifi interface I was on connected was directed to port 500 or to port 500 or to port 500 ?

Do you know what I mean?

I will simply give an example. I have 3 teltonics and each is in a different location, but they are in the same LAN network. Also, I have a mobile app that always pings only one same address, in our case for example port 500. So as soon as I'm in the first location and connect to wifi and ping port 500, it automatically redirects me to port 500. Once I come to the second site and connect to wifi, I ping port 500 and it automatically redirects me to port 500. Once I come to the third site and ping port 500, it automatically redirects me to port 500.

Is it somewhat understandable? I will be very happy for your help. Thanks
by anonymous

Having subnets of,, for each router contradicts statement that devices are in the same LAN. 

However, configuration above should work, with added value of External IP address field to only accept forwards if they are directed at IP:port combination.