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by anonymous
Hallo, we use IoT SIM Card in our firefighter Car.

So we can use with one Card the three Provider in Germany.

We want to use

Sim 1 = Telekom LTE

SIM 2 = Vodafone LTE

eSIM1 = Telefonica O2 LTE

eSIM2 = Telekom 2G Backup

Can i use 4 "cards"?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Unfortunately, your desired goal is not possible to achieve with any of the routers.

For example, at most, RUT950 has two SIM slots, thus only two cards can be inside the device and only one modem, which means only one active connection to mobile operator. One of the slots can be used for soldering eSIM, the other for a standard 2FF SIM, but that still leaves you with half of what is needed. Next, eSIM would have to be soldered by Teltonika, as tinkering with the device yourself, would simply make device warranty invalid. For this service, you would need to contact to local Teltonika sales manager.

Best regards,