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by anonymous
Does there exist a mounting system to hold the antennas on the RUTX11 in place so they don't interfere with each other witch seems to happen if there is changes in the temperature where the router resides and makes the antennas fall on each other after a while .
This makes the WiFi getting slow and dropping out or even the Internet connection .

Ant suggestions on how to proceed ?


2 Answers

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by anonymous


There is nothing specific for mounting solutions to hold the antennas, however you can have a look into our third party solution detailed in the link below.


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by anonymous

Both of the QuWireless brand enclosures for RUTX11 are very good. The QuMax referenced by the other answer has a directional antenna. The QuSpot is omnidirectional. I use the QuSpot where I live, in the middle of nowhere, and it is awesome. The RUTX11 attaches inside and the enclosure has its own built in antennas that connect to all the antenna attachment points on the RUTX11.