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by anonymous
Sometimes when I go onto Google maps on my iPad connected to my RUT 950 on my boat it’s knows where my location is, however mainly it doesn’t know where I am.

Any ideas on why this may be ?
by anonymous

I usually Use NordVPN to solve this

drift boss

2 Answers

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by anonymous
I think googlemaps and several other services determines your location from your public IP address using geolocation. Sometimes it succeeds, sometimes IP address does not have any location. When I use googlemaps on my computer using VPN, google locates me near VPN-tunnel endpoint.
Best answer
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by anonymous

Location estimate comes from the mobile connectivity, things such as distance from the nearest or connected cell tower or mobile signal characteristics.

Is the issue specific to iPad device?

How is the connection quality, internet speeds in general in your location?

Are you using external antennas?

Best regards,
by anonymous
Ok on mobile when connected to WiFi but wonder if it’s using mobile signal from phone to determine location.

connection quality and speeds are good. Using an external antenna.

Just wondered if there’s anything in the WUI settings I need to change?

Thanks for your reply