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by anonymous
On RUTX11 with two SIM cards on board, I have setup SIM SWITCH on both SIMs' configuration. The event to be checked (i.e. data connection fail - LCP echo) is set to be checked every 600 seconds, which  means 144 check every 24 hours. The WAN is only LTE, no wired connection.

The first two days I have noticed quite an increase in the consumption of my data plan.

In theory, with the settings I have explained above, how much of would the consumption of data be every day?

Thanks. Marco

1 Answer

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by anonymous


How big of an increase have you experienced? 

LCP echo packets themselves are very small and should not impact consumption. The consumption would depend on the running services and hosts within RUTX's LAN. Additional monitoring would be required to detect the sources of consumption. For this, I would advice to install tcpdump package from Services -> Package manager, if it is not installed by default.

Otherwise, navigate to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot page, under the Troubleshoot section, enable TCP dump, select interface wwan0. And leave it running for some time, then download the file.

Also, do you have remote HTTP(S) or SSH WAN enabled to access the device remotely, on their standard ports? 

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thanks for your feedback.

I will work on your suggestion and come back here once I have some results of the analysis.