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by anonymous

We are using Teltonika RUT950 routers on remote construction sites. These sites are all equipped with different IT hardware such as computers, printers, plotters ect.

Using the Teltonika Remote Management of the routers, which is working perfectly, made me wonder ifs somehow possible to use RutOS as a jumphost to local devices such as a printer?

EDIT: Im an idiot, I found that its absolutely possible via RutOS. Working very well via RMS Connect


A printer on a remote site needs to be configured.

Using Teltonika RMS, we can remote into the router, and use that as a jumphost to a local device in that network.

Any thoughts?

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Yup, that sounds like a great solution.

If the printed had a WebUI or CLI, you can even access it directly using RMS
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by anonymous
Im an idiot, i just discovered that you indeed can remote into local devices using RMS Connect. Its working very well. Awesome function!
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by anonymous


If your remote device supports access from SSH, HTTP(S), RDP, VNC or Telnet protocols, connecting to them is absolutely possible. Please, check related sections in the following wiki article about RMS:

As an alternative, you can configure VPN HUBs to connect and manage device's in the RUT's LAN network. Please check this video for configuration details:

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