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by anonymous


Hi, after some time, sometimes after few minutes, sometimes after a day, download speed drops and keeps not more than 260Mbps while right after gateway restart I am able to reach 400-600Mbps, the biggest strange here that it is always stays around 250-260Mbps. And it is no matter if it is peak time of the day, or middle night, same situation.

Upload speed is stable and stays at 120-140Mbps all the time.

Signal quality, CA bands and all other signal parameters is pretty the same before and after the restart. Reboot of modem usually doesn't help, only whole gateway restart brings speed back.

Also "Signal quality" is always static number -51, it doesn't change even when snowing.
by anonymous

Added screenshot and CSV of speed tests with the same server before reboot and right after reboot

by anonymous
Hi VorasLT,

I buy a TRB500 and from beginn it has the same errors as yours. Since FW7.4 the problems have accumulated. I've been wasting time with this ulcer for 5 months. So I decide to buy a new Gateway/Router from an other Manufacturer. Now all the Problems are gone.

So I assume, the TRB500/RUTX50 is still in ALPHA-testing! Perhaps BETA-testing is coming next year!?


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by anonymous


Thank you for the detailed report.

I assume, the attached troubleshoot file was made after the download speeds fell. Could you generate and attach one shortly after reboot, while the download speeds are still high?

As for signal quality metrics representation, there are issues in the WebUI in current firmware version, which are solved in the upcoming 7.3 release, thus I would like you to login to the device via SSH and execute the following commands in both instances of download speeds to see if anything differs:

  • gsmctl -A 'AT+QCAINFO'
  • gsmctl -A 'AT+QENG="servingcell"'

Best regards,

by anonymous
Troubleshoot file was made after reboot and some speed tests.
Added couple screenshots made at night before (when speeds were lower) and after (speed returned to normal) reboot.

I am using directional antenna, so it doesn't jump between towers, cells also seems to be stable, ID's not changing.

Will make more also with second command when speed gets down.
by anonymous

Do You need any more details or it is enough for now?
by anonymous

This is a known issue. The mechanism behind is that when the throughput gets more sessions than a certain number, a daemon, which is used to track connections forwards all the traffic through the CPU, instead of offloading it through a certain hardware block, thus speeds maxes out at around 200 Mbps.

The issue is being worked on, however the solution may take a while.
by anonymous

Hello ZygimantasBliu

On TRB500 with Firmware TRB5_R_00.07.03.1 | 2023.01.03 I have noticed the following:

  1. With default settings, same error as VorasLT has described. Right after startup, downloads reach about +400MB, after some time download slows down to 180MB - 250MB.
  2. Set a DMZ, download from DMZ are arround 180MB - 200MB, never more.
  3. If I set Bridge-Mode instead NAT, downloads remains slow but always stable at 250MB.

So we have 3 setups with 3 different behaviour in relation to download speeds. For me at the Moment, best setup is to set Bridge-Mode. I hope this error will be prioritised and fixed soon.

Best regards.

by anonymous

Hello, any updates or workarounds for this?

I'm currently facing the same issue with my TRB500 and FW TRB5_R_00.07.03.4  If i have multiple download connections the cpu usage spikes very high and i'm capped at around 200Mbps

by anonymous

The issue is still being worked on. There is an ongoing communication with Quectel about it.

At the moment no time frame is set, when the solution can be expected.

Apologies for the inconveniences.

Best regards,
by anonymous
Do we have any updates on the matter?

Is there going to be a fix?

Spending 400~500€ on a modem and being handicapped like this is not fun at all...
by anonymous

The resolution is still under development.

Best regards,