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by anonymous

I'm struggling to connect my Data only card (MySurfRoam) on my Rutx11.

I've been using several other sim cards successfully,  but this SIM from MySurfRoam is not working.

I can use it without any problems on my mobile phone, but not on my Rutx11.

Thera are at least 2 steps I'm failing to replicate on my Rutx11:


4. go to your phone applications screen, and find the new Application "SIM Toolkit”

You will see the following menu:

Country, Mode, ICCID

select *Mode >

set it to *Manual >

set *IMSI 22 from the list.

5. delete any present APN records (profiles) and set our APN globaldata:

Name: globaldata

APN: globaldata


Question 1: is there a way to configure the IMSI code on the Rutx11? And if not, having previsouly configured it on my mobile phone, would it be sufficient?

Question 2: The SIM provider' walkthroug requires both the "name" and "apn" to be configured to "globaldata". How can I do this on my Rutx11?


1 Answer

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by anonymous


Question 1IMSI is stored in SIM card. It cannot be modified with RUTX or any Teltonika device and is only read from what is stored within the SIM.

Question 2. Simply setting APN field value should be enough for connection establishment.

Best regards,