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by anonymous
I have a Teltonika RUT955. I am trying to duplicate an older modem that stopped working. The traffic camera has a static IP of and I want to use port 8080 to access it. This would allow me to type in IP address 2XX.XX.XXX.XXX:8080 and access the camera. What do I need to do to set this up? I have tried to create a port forward rule but I cannot access camera. Camera is connected into LAN1 on the modem.

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by anonymous


Thank you for reaching out!

The configuration for port forwarding should be as follows:

  • Navigate to Network → Firewall → Port Forwards.
  • Under the "Add New Instance" tab, enter the name for the rule (can be anything);
  • External port in this case should be 8080;
  • Internal IP address is the address of the device that needs to be reached in the LAN. In this case, it's;
  • Internal port will be 8080.
  • When the advanced configuration window opens, select the appropriate protocol (keep in mind, that when "Any" is selected, all ports will be forwarded).
  • Source zone: WAN
  • External IP address is the public IP of the device that will be connecting to the camera (for troubleshooting purposes, this field can be left to "Any", and added later. However, leaving it on "Any" is a security risk).
  • Internal zone: LAN

And this should be enough for the device to be reachable over the internet. However, if it's still unreachable, here are a few troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure you have a public IP. I can see in the original query, that you're reaching the camera from the IP, that starts with 2xx. In this range, there are no private IPs, so this should not be an issue. You can also check the actual IP assigned to your mobile interface in the Network -> Interfaces section.
  • Try setting the protocol and External IP address to "Any". This would help if the end device also needs to receive ICMP packets or similar or if the external IP address that is used to connect to the RUT955 is not static.
  • Make sure that port 8080 isn't already used by another traffic rule or service.
  • Attach a Troubleshoot file to this query. It can be generated by navigating to System → Administration → Troubleshoot. It will only be visible to Teltonika moderators.

Awaiting your response.

Best regards,


by anonymous
I cannot connect to the camera via that IP port. I have created a troubleshoot file. How do I send the Troubleshoot file?
by anonymous

Troubleshoot file can be attached to the original post or sent to me directly via private messages (navigate to my profile and press "send private message").

Best regards,

Daumantas G.
by anonymous


Thank you for the Troubleshoot file!  

From what I can see, your security camera is in the subnet, while the LAN is set to the subnet.  

To fix this, static IP needs to be set in the camera, which would be in the correct subnet. This could be achieved by setting the static IP on the PC to and the subnet mask to Then cameras' WebUI should be accessible by navigating to Instructions on how to set a static IP on Windows or Ubuntu machines can be found in the respective articles.

Another (and easier if you don't have any more devices with static IP connected) way would be to set the LAN subnet of the router to subnet. On the legacy WebUI, this can be done by navigating to Network -> LAN and setting the IP address to  

Please keep in mind, that if the camera IP will be changed, then it can be set to anything in the range of - (assuming you don't have any more static IPs that could cause an IP conflict).  

Let me know if any more help is needed!

Best regards,