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by anonymous
When configuring the DNS server on the RUTX routers FW 7.02.7, there's no option to configure any additional files for resolving DNS.

Yes, there's an option to forward DNS queries but in my case this is not an option as the Teltonika router do not have a path to reach remote DNS servers on another lan segment. LAN segments are joined by ipsec site-to-site VPNs not managed by the Teltonika router, but by another firewall behind the main Teltonika router. Teltonika router do not have access to any remote devices via IPSec but it is serving DHCP/DNS on the local LAN segment. Hence the problem, as the local DNS queries have to be resolved by the local DNS server, that is the Teltonika router. The devices behind the second firewall do have access to the remote LAN segments because their gateway is the second firewall (served by DHCP Option 3), but the Teltonika router has to serve the remote IPs without having access to any remote DNS servers.

As the option to resolve additional host files is standard on OpenWrt and in fact it can be configured when manually editing /etc/config/dhcp and setting the list of files to resolve by adding

list addnhosts '/etc/hosts.segment1lan'

list addnhosts '/etc/hosts.segment2lan'

and so on, is there a possiblity to add that option directly on the RUTX GUI? Only the file location should be configurable as the standard Luci permits on OpenWrt. No need to have a complex file editing/creation option. The files can be uploaded to the router via SSH.

Also, there's no option on GUI to define the current LAN DNS suffix, so it defaults to .lan, but I have several LAN segments that use another suffix as .hlan and .zlan so they can be remotely accessed by adding the appropiate suffix. It can be defined by manually editing /etc/config/dhcp and adding options

option local '/hlan/'

option domain 'hlan'

on the appropiate LAN segment router, but it is not an ideal workaround. As the prior DNS issue, is there an option to add that configuration to the GUI?

On OpenWrt they are referred as "Local Server: (Names matching this domain are never forwarded...)" and "Local domain : (Local domain suffix appended...)" respectively.

Best regards.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

As with your previous query, these suggestion will be forwarded to the development them to consider their implementation in the future.

Thank you for your input and interest in Teltonika products.

Best regards,
Best answer
by anonymous
Thank you. I really appreciate that.

Best regards.