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by anonymous

The RUTX routers are very capable devices and have the possibily of running several scripts on demand via CLI / SSH. But the problem is that they tend to become overwhelming when trying to maintain scripts that accepts arguments via commandline. Too complex for non technical people.

On normal OpenWrt routers there's an option to define custom scripts running with arguments and visualize buttons to push to execute those scripts, so they can be easily run by anyone accessing the "Custom Commands" section.

There's no such "Custom Commands" section on Vuci.

Those "Custom Commands" section in Luci is running fine on RUT955 routers with Legacy firmware when added as package, but after the transition to Vuci, there's no option for having something similar.

I tried even making a custom firmware compilation on RUTX routers trying to include Luci as alternate GUI. I somehow achieved something by running Luci on NGINX on another port and isolating the part of Luci that is still included on Vuci distribution (yes, there's luci code on vuci). Vuci is not completely isolated from prior Luci code so it is interfering with any later Luci code included from packages. In fact I have had both GUIs running on different web servers on differents ports but when trying to login from Luci it always tells me incorrect password so I suppose that the authentication functions or the password coding have been altered by Teltonika and so Luci cannot login.

I use those "Custom Commands" buttons to automate several options on my OpenWrt routers easily. Nearly 20 to 30 options on each router, but as I said, no such option is included on Vuci.

So I ask for an enhancement to Vuci to try to include such functionality on these routers, as they are plenty of space to include scripting languages as Python, and having a section on the GUI to automate several use cases with scripts could be a relief.

If that's not possible I ask for a clean code for Vuci, so that the changed code do not interfere with Luci. As now, there's Vuci code calling for Luci functions on javascript parts, and there's lua files calling luci parts.

Best regards.

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by anonymous

Thank you for your suggestion. I will forward it to the development team.

Best regards,
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