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by anonymous

I am trying to reset my login password for the RUT240 device.

It asks me to reset my password after I login as admin/admin01 as on the case.

However, after I reset my password it asks me to login again. However, when I enter the new password it fails (Invalid username and password) and only accepts admin01 and the process repeats. I cannot seem to change the password.

After reading some of the forums I see that I might need to change the bootloader?

Where can I find an image to load?

I have entered bootload mode on the device but do not have a binary to install

Any help appreciated.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Which browser are you using, have you tried to clear cache or try a different browser?

Could you connect to your device via SSH and do a couple of things:

  • Execute the command below and post the result:
    • hexdump -C /dev/mtdblock1
  • Next, execute the command below:
  • Then download WinSCP, following the instructions here, extract troubleshoot.tar.gz file from router's /tmp directory, and attach it by editing your question.

Next, you could try updating firmware via bootloader menu. Please download this firmware image, follow instructions provided here. Once the update finishes, see if you can access the WebUI. Update the firmware to the latest if you do.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thanks a lot.

Accessing the device in incognito mode did the trick. So essentially, I needed the cache cleared.