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by anonymous

Hey together,

I am having problems connecting my RUTX12 router to my Fritzbox router / VPN server using ipsec.

I have read some forum posts, unfortunately they are often outdated and not suitable for the current firmware of the router.

Enclosed are my settings.

My Fritzbox provides me with the following information about the VPN service:

  • VPN Type: "IPSec" or "IPSec Xauth PSK"
  • Public Server IP
  • ID IPsec
  • Shared Secret Key
  • Username
  • Password

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Maybe it would be possible to arrange a remote AnyDesk session to try to configure your device?

Best regards,
by anonymous
Yes it would be possible.

Can you write me a private message?
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by anonymous

Below is an example of a configuration, found working with the Fritzbox, based on data fiend provided by the FritzBox. When configuring, modify field values in <> according to your VPN data provided by FritzBox:

Following are connection settings General tab:

Advanced settings configuration (only necessary changes):

Below are proposal settings. FritzBox supports a range of algorithms and options. More details can be found here. Tested configuration is below:

Phase 1:

Phase 2: 

by anonymous

Tell me did you get it running ?

I can't get it to work at the moment.

But I have the RUTX50

Kind regards