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I have a TRB500 in my van. Is there a possibility to turn off everything but the sms funktion to activate the io to start the parking heater?

ex. if you turn of the car and you have ignition sense connected to input io. And when it loses voltage at the input io it will turn of as much as possible to hold down the standby current of the modem but the sms possibility.

Is that possible to make?

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Thank you for reaching out!

While ignition detection would be possible to achieve, there isn't much to turn off on the router. The only option that would make any difference would most likely be turning off mobile data. However, as the device consumes less than 3W idle, the difference may not be very big.

How to achieve this:

  • Ignition detection:

We have a Wiki article detailing how to achieve this.

  • Configuration in the router:

Here we will configure the gateway to perform certain actions when the vehicle is on or off. First, let's start by setting the conditions of when something should be done:

  • In the WebUI, navigate to Services → Input/Output → I/O Juggler. From there, select the Conditions tab in the upper right corner;
  • Create an understandable name for the rule, for example, ignition_off;
  • Select Type → I/O;
  • When a configuration window opens, I/O should be set to Input (3) and State should be set to Low;
  • Then simply press Save & Apply.

Now we have a rule, that will detect when the vehicle is idle. From here, we can configure the actions when the created condition is met:

  • Navigate to the Actions tab;
  • Create a meaningful name for the rule (e.g. data_off);
  • TypeScript;
  • Then a script anywhere on the router could be created. More extensive instructions can be found here, but to summerize on how to achieve this on our devices:
    • In the WebUI, navigate to System → CLI;
    • Username is root;
    • Password is the same as WebUI;
    • Create a file anywhere in the device (I chose the root folder);
    • File can be named as you wish, but the extension will need to be .sh;
    • Command to achieve this would be: vi /
    • This will open the VI editor window. Inside the script, these two lines should be pasted:


ifdown mob1s1a1

  • Then simply press the Esc button on the keyboard and type :wq is this order;
  • Go back to Action configuration, and specify the path to the script as /
  • As a condition, select ignition_off.

Now that this is done, we can go to the General tab. Here, we need to enable this function and add a new instance:

  • Role: Input (3);
  • Enable the instance;
  • Trigger: Falling;
  • Actions: data_off;
  • Conditions: ignition_off;

And that's it for configuration. To test it, we can navigate to Services → Input/Output → Status. Under the Power Socket Status tab, enable the inversion of state, and then disable it. This will simulate the ignition getting turned on and then off. On the router itself, the connection type LED should start blinking indicating that the mobile data is turned off.

To detect, that the ignition is on, a separate rule and script will need to be created. In the script portion, instead of ifdown ifup should be used.

For enabling and disabling the heater, an SMS command ioset could be used.

Let me know if there are any further questions!

Best regards,