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Godd evening,

I installed a RUT950 to a customer and I activated the VPN HUB service as described in YouTube videos and in the Wikis.

I worked remotely without problems for a few weeks then I never had to connect again.

After a month I had to reconnect to make some changes and I was able to connect with OPEN VPN but I couldn't get to the devices.

I remembered that the trial was only one month so I bought the credits, loaded them.

In WebInterface ( the device from OFFLINE went back ONLINE but to this day, after two days of loading the credits I can't get to the devices.

I can connect with OpenVPN (I've never been unable to connect with OpenVPN) but I can't get to the IP addresses that are listed in the Route Table.

I did the Restart VPN, I also did the Restart VPN on the Router side, I downloaded the .ovpn file again but the result does not change.

I can connect with OPEN VPN but I don't get to the devices.

And the customer's equipment is working properly in the internal LAN of my Client.

What other tests and actions should I do to restart the system?

Thank you in advance


1 Answer

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May be you can remove the device from the RMS, reboot your device, add the device in the RMS and then add/recreate a new vpn hub and make changes accordingly and then upload the new .ovpn file on the Openvpn connect. Let me know if the issue still persists.

Thank you.