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by anonymous
I have connected 3 LAN ports to the RUT 955 router and gave separate IPs to each port using  VLAN and interface. My requirement is I have to log in to all connected devices of LAN at a time. Teltonika team suggest us to use DHCP protocol but using this we cant log in . I have shared my configuration snap please give me a suggestion.
by anonymous

Didn't understand your question!

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by anonymous


It seems that you have a misconception about VLANs. Your LAN interface is now configured to receive IP address, netmask and gateway data from device, which will be connected to the associated port.

LANPORT2 and LAN3 are within the same subnet, based on their netmask notations. Please check this link on port based VLAN configuration details for Teltonika devices.

Now, if your goal is to reach all the LAN devices, is there a purpose for additional VLANs? Or is your goal to reach devices in LAN from different subnets? In this case, you would simply need to add VLAN interfaces to a firewall zone associated with LAN, which is likely done by default.

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