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by anonymous
RUTX11 running 7.02.7

Have a business SIM with Static IP from T-Mobile (I believe I would consider it data only)..  Have been given the APN of B2B.static and I'm not getting a signal or passing data..  SIM status shows in Mobile Information, operator shows N/A, operator state shows Unregistered..  

I've scanned through a few other posts and see about changing some settings in CLI, but want to make sure those apply in this case..

Have used with other carriers with no problems..  And I was able to connect and pass data before the Static IP was added with the T-Mobile service...

Thanks for any assistance..

1 Answer

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by anonymous

I finally found it from another thread here..  

These CLI commands resolved the problem..  

gsmctl -A at+cgdcont=1

gsmctl -A at+cgdcont=1,\"ip\"

ubus call gsmd reinit_modems