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by anonymous
I need to connect one polarized external LTE antenna to RUTX50, this will use 2 SMA connectors. In addition, I plan to use two supplied antennas for the remaining mobile antenna connectors so that all 4 SMA connectors on the device will be used.

Is there any specific order to connect the antennas? My previous Teltonika router had antenna connectors labeled main/aux but now there are no such labels. Can I connect the external antennas to any of the connectors or is there a difference? I cannot find this information on the manual.

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by anonymous


RUTX50 employs all four antenna connectors as Main, meaning that there is no separation between connectors as MAIN and AUX, as with other Teltonika routers. All of the antennas are equally important to provide the best performance and fastest speeds.

Under good coverage and propagation conditions, you should have no issues establishing connectivity not using all four antennas, as suggested here, however, it is recommended to use all four antennas.

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by anonymous
Thank you for the clarification, this solved my problem.