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by anonymous
Hi all,

I have a newbie question, please explain in simply terms.

I have existing ISP modem/router IP as DHCP enabled SM DHCP range from - 254 DNS.

I have X11 wanting to connect to this above modem/router with assigned IP as using the WAN port, on the X11 > Interface > LAN settings I have set as static IP SM DHCP range from - 255

Now when I have new devices connected to X11, it will auto assign it with IP range starting from 192.168.2 etc etc

This issue is with the WAN setting, it appears it only works when i set the wan settings Protocol as DHCP.

Could someone please provide some steps on how to configure the WAN settings if i wanted to set it with a static IP?

I have attached a screengrab, please let me know if the highlighted field need to be entered.


1 Answer

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by anonymous


It is not quite clear what is it that you want to achieve?

Do you want another VLAN within the device with subnet?

Or do you simply need to have a on WAN interface?

In this case, with protocol set as static, you should also enter IPv4 gateway as

Otherwise, maybe you can configure static lease on your ISP modem/router? 

Best regards,