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by anonymous

when we are using RMS connection with RUT we have issue with Windows crash or blue screen appears and system will restart. Particularly when we are running OPN VPN software. When we start software it connected but after some time automatically windows crash and blue screen appears. We tried with different version of OPN VPN also we have taken support from Teltonika India but we have not received proper solution so please reply as soon as possible.

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Thank you for contacting Teltonika Networks Crowd support community.

Please note there are some issues that may cause Windows PC to crash. You can scan the qr code or get the link of the error message displayed on the blue screen to get the cause of the crash.

However, a VPN may cause Windows to crash due to several reasons. An improperly configured VPN, a buggy VPN client, traffic overload, poor internet connection, and a faulty driver can all trigger a VPN to crash or freeze Windows. In case you downloaded the OpenVPN from a secure site and did correct settings on then you need to check the network drivers.

The following are some of the fixes that can help you to resolve the issue. if the VPN causes your windows computer to crash or freeze.

Change your system settings to allow incoming VPN connections.

Update network drivers.

Reinstall VPN.

Run a malware scan.

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State.

Before you begin, ensure that you have not misconfigured your VPN software. It is best to start with its default settings.

Kind regards,

by anonymous

We have follow through all things but still issue is not resolved

1. Different version of open vpn with proper site

2. check all malware

3. Also check on different PC

but issue will be same  

so kindly reply with proper solution


by anonymous
Waiting for reply
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by anonymous
Hello Rukesh,

Have you tried the OpenVPN with anaother computer.

This issue is related to your own personal computer.

Please try with another computer.

Kind regards,