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by anonymous

We have many devices on a network that we use RUT to bring them to the Zerotier. Also RUT work as a DHCP server, can we use another RUT to increase the communication speed? if so how do we do it.

Thank you


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by anonymous


Unfortunately, having several RUT devices within the same network will not help you to increase throughput for a single established connection, as Teltonika devices do not support traffic bonding without additional services by third parties, for example, Bondix.

However, RUT devices support several WAN interfaces, operating at the same time with Load Balancing enabled, meaning that another RUT can be a wired or wireless WAN source for some primary RUT device. In this configuration, primary device has more resources to support an increased number of simultaneous connections or allow more traffic for current connections by distributing traffic between different interfaces.

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by anonymous
Thank you for your reply

I think load balancing will help us, can I add another RUT without affecting to present IP addresses. Even we use DHCP here, we will lock them to their MAC? do you have a tech info to configure this?

Thank you
by anonymous

The following link is to a video of an example configuration of using RUT as a wireless WAN source for another RUT:

The key thing to take from here is the RUTs have to be in different LAN subnets in order to avoid IP conflicts and routing issues.