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by anonymous

I was wondering if it's possible to establish a serial RS232 connexion between two RUT956.

The first one, on plant, connected to the RS232 device and the second one on another plan connected to a computer running the RS232 software.

I've tried since several days to establish such connexion. I've setup the first one on "Over IP" as Server, the second one as Client and both are on a dedicated VPN Hub.

I'am I on the good way to make this work ?

I was wondering if it's possible to skip the second RUT956 and just connect on the server of the 1st one ? Any software solution for this ?

Thanks for any replies.

Best regards.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


That is all correct, to establish a connection and transfer RS232 between two end-points one would need to operate in Sever and the other one in Client mode.

As for device choice, if the device will not be used as a router for WiFi, Ethernet ports, etc. I'd recommend checking out TRB142 - RS232 gateway. It also offers a much more compact design.

Indeed, a second RUT956 may not be necessary, depending on your needs. For using a console via RS232, PuTTY is a great application. To connect to the serial connection, Raw mode should be used. However, if your software requires a COM port to be used for an RS232 connection, there are a few software solutions, that could convert OverIP serial to a COM port. Unfortunately, I haven't used such solutions, so cannot make any solid recommendations.

Hope this helped!

Best regards,