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by anonymous
Hi there,

My RUT955 has Remote SSH access and Remote HTTP access disabled (under Administration/Access Control), yet I can login via the public IP when not connected to the RMS VPN. Is this a firmware bug or have I missed something in the setup.

Unfortunately, I need to operate a couple of devices with public facing IP addresses and I'd rather not have any more ports/access methods open than the bare minimum needed for the task.

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by anonymous


I would like you to do the following:

Navigate to Network -> Firewall -> Traffic rules and modify the rule below to accept input to only a certain destination port or disable the rule at all:

In its current configuration your device accepts any traffic on any port forwarded to the router.

Best regards,

Best answer
by anonymous
Ah good catch Zygimantas. That appears to have fixed it.

I don't recall creating that rule, but I see some other routers with active RS485 Modbus Gateways don't have it. I'll get one of my engineers to look at that in more detail later and let you know if we identify any recreatable bugs.