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by anonymous

I plan to replace a Siemens Modem TC35 i with a Teltonika TRB142 with SIM card tomorrow.
Since the installation site is 2 hours drive away  I would like to be prepared.

The installed Siemens modem ist connected via RS232 with a SunnyBoyControl Data Logger that collects the data from SMA Photovoltaik-Inverters. The Siemens modem is called manually via a mobile connection from a program on the customer PC and connects the call to the DataLogger.

My question:
Which parameter in the Teltonika TRB142 modem need to be configured to achieve the same functionality?

 So far I configured the following two:
- The RS232
Incoming call switched to answer

What else needs to be configured?

Thank you for your help.



1 Answer

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by anonymous


Unfortunately, no such feature is available at the moment, and it is not possible to implement it until tomorrow with TRB142 or other Teltonika device.

If that would be enough, as an alternative, you could try using Over IP mode of RS232 configuration, to establish TCP connection with the program on the customer's PC. Otherwise, if the call is a mandatory part of the process and data is transmitted through the call, it is not possible.

Such a feature would require additional development, and for that you would need to contact your local Teltonika sales representative.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Best regards,